4 Easy Steps for Hiring the Best Videographer in the UK

Wedding is a dream event in everyone’s life. This is the day that everyone looks forward to, especially the girls. And to make the day really “The moment of a lifetime”, capturing the moments in the best way is really, really important. We cherish wedding memories for a long, long time. In many cases, it is enjoyed by the next generation as well.

I still enjoy my parents’ wedding photographs. And I often regret if they captured more moments. And here comes the importance of a seasoned photographer. Here, we will throw some light to selecting the best videographer in the UK.

Here are some factors I think are a must-to-have in the person, given the job of capturing wedding moments.

wedding videographer

1.Have to Have the Eyes of Capturing Moments

The job of videography is very difficult and requires a unique set of eyes. The person should be able to see the unusual among the usual things, regular things. And if it is wedding videography, then taking any chance is probably the last thing would come to your mind.

Thousands of moments are there in a wedding, good moments, sad moments, tears, laughs, enjoyment, fun; everything is there. And you need someone (or a team of people) who can see it all and can capture it all. The photographer has to have the eyes to identify moments everywhere. Only then a perfect memory will be created which can be cherished later.

2.Candid videography

This is a particular style of videography and has got the immense popularity of late. When I look at old photo albums there, everyone is looking at the camera in every shot. This somehow fails to tell the story, according to me.

So, the photographer you hire should be able to capture candid moments of all the people present in the wedding. This makes the entire event a lot more vibrant, colourful and lively. But this requires a different kind of setup which leads me to my next point.

3.Camera Kit and Team

The job of wedding videography is a teamwork rather than a single man’s job, which it used to be in the earlier days. For the perfect wedding album or videography, there should be a perfect team with the right set of camera gears and kits.

If you are not very aware of camera kits and gears, you can at least Google them before spending your money on some company or individual.

4.Editing and Previous Work

This is again a very important factor that you should consider before finalising your wedding photographer. Editing the best shots and moments is equally important as capturing brilliant shots. Extracting the juice out of many fruits is what the job of an editor is. An exceptional wedding photographer is a brilliant editor as well.


Also, you need to look at the previous work of the photographer. The best place to find that is the website of the company or individual.

If you are looking for the best videographer in the UK, the certainly Dave Bone Films is a perfect choice for you. Dave is a person with unique eyes. He can see things that many of us can’t. And this is the reason his wedding videography is so popular. His vast experience speaks on his behalf. One can easily find the kind of work he does by just visiting his website. He is simply the best when it comes to the wedding videography in the UK.

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