Products for Mammalian Metabolic Profiling That Contain 13C Yeast Extract

Metabolic profiling has made it easier for researchers to understand the physiology of cells. Today there are many advanced tools and products available for MS (Mass Spectrometry)-based metabolic profiling studies. These tools help to create internal standards for every metabolite measured. It’s very important to have an internal standard for every metabolite measured for accurate and reproducible metabolic profiling.

In this post, we are going to talk about the IROA mammalian metabolic profiling tools which contain 13C metabolite yeast extract. We will also discuss the benefits of using 5% and 95% 13C isotopes in metabolomics studies. Thus, consider reading the full post to know more in this regard.

13C yeast extract

Learn about IROA Quantitation Kits for Mammalian Metabolic Profiling

IROA® 300 Quantitation Kits for MS-based mammalian metabolic profiling can be used for successful labeling, identification, and quantitation of biochemical compounds in many cell populations. These kits are supplied with medium based on Earle’s Balanced Salts (EBSS) & Roswell Park Memorial Institute (RPMI) vitamins and labeled energy sources. These things will provide all the reagents you need to labeling, identifying, and quantitating biochemical compounds successfully.

These metabolic profiling kits can help you quantitate metabolic differences between a control group and an experimental group. You will also be provided with the unique IROA software tool ClusterFinder with any kit purchase. It supports the analysis of IROA generated data. Go through the following sections to learn about the mammalian metabolic profiling kits.

1. IROA® Phenotypic Quantitation Kit

You can use this kit in situations where it is not possible to label experimental samples in culture systems such as biopsies or large-scale fermentation. You can apply this protocol to cell populations where specific or recommended growth media is required for experimental samples. The IROA Phenotypic Quantitation kit components include ‘IROA PHENO-95-300 Labeling Medium (liquid)’ containing 1 Bottle of 250 mL EBSS/RPMI 1640 vitamin solution (1X) containing 1 mg/mL 95% U-13C labeled glucose & 1 Empty sterile bottle and ‘IROA PHENO-95-300 Component Mix (dry)’ containing 657.5 mg 95% uniformly 13C labeled yeast extract and amino acids. You are advised to store the kit at +4°C protected from light.

2. IROA® Fluxomic Quantitation Kit

It provides the reagents required for fully labeling mammalian cells at 5% U-13C. It will make it easier for you to determine the flux of a precusor such as glucose, amino acids, etc enriched in 95% or 99% U-13C. The kit components include ‘IROA FLUX-05-300 Labeling Medium (liquid)’ containing 1 Bottle of 250 mL EBSS/RPMI 1640 vitamin solution (1X) containing 1 mg/mL 5% U-13C labeled glucose & 1 Empty sterile bottle and ‘IROA FLUX-05-300 Component Mix (dry)’ containing 657.5 mg 5% U-13C labeled yeast extract and amino acids.

Why use 95% and 5% 13C Labeling?

Here the benefits of using 95% and 5% 13C labeling:

  • 95% and 5% 13C produces a unique isotopic pattern which helps to eliminate false data.
  • It is mathematically calculable.
  • It reduces the cost of analysis.
  • It removes variances.
  • It also enables identification and facilitates detection of low intensity features.
13C metabolite yeast extract

Know more about IROA Kits

To know more about mammalian profiling tools containing 13C metabolite yeast extract for use as an internal standard, you can contact ‘IROA Technologies LLC’. They have products for yeast & fungi profiling, bacterial profiling, etc as well. Visit the website – to find detailed information about the products. Also, feel free to contact them directly to know more.

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